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20 May 2018
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3GNet IP-Port
3GNet IP-Port is a high speed internet connection to Internet Tier-1 IP backbone in USA, Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX), and other Internet Exchange in Asia. This service is delivered by the collaboration of PT. Tigatra Komunikatama (Tigatra) as ISP license holder and PT. Citra Sari Makmur (CSM) as the broadband network provider. Deployed based on the state of the art internet access technology, 3GNet IP-Port delivers efficient and robust internet access service with low latency, low overhead, and high availability.

3GNet IP-Port is specially designed to be the right solution to the high speed internet connection, Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN), as well as Voice over the Internet (VOIP). Hence, 3GNet IP-Port is mostly suitable for any corporations who need reliable and high speed internet connection services with greater flexibility.

To use 3GNet IP-Port, a dedicated network connection must be set up from customerís premises to CSM Compliance Center at Cikarang, 30 KM away from Jakarta. For this connection, you can choose from several CSM network services which are available at your locations. You can have a cable-based or radio-based broadband data connection if the location is within coverage of CSM network, or one of the VSAT systems that CSM provide. All of this possibility makes 3GNet IP-Port is accessible from anywhere in Indonesia and gives you a single point of contact for the internet port and the access network.

3GNet IP-Port is controlled by a 24-hour Network Management System (NMS) so that the performance can always be monitored and tuned whenever necessary, and problems can be anticipated and detected at early stages, reducing the time to repair problems. The result is a internet connection solution with superior performance, i.e. high availability and low MTTR (Mean Time To Restore).

Speed and latency
3GNet IP-Port is available at data rate starting from 128 kbps and is available at the increments of 128 kbps (256, 384, 512, ...). kbps with either symmetric or asymmetric configuration. Bandwidth upgrade is relatively easier since Tigatra and CSM handles both the internet port and the access network. This arrangement gives you a flexibility to design your network with optimum capacity to meet current requirements while maintaining flexibility for future growth and expansion.

Benefits and Advantages
Subscribing to 3GNet IP-Port entitles you to many benefits and advantages:
  • Wide selections of data rate, from 128 kbps and is available at the increments of      128 kbps (256, 384, 512, ...). kbps, symmetric or asymmetric
  • Low latency
  • Direct hop to main internet backbone (Tier-1) in USA, IIX and some Internet      Exchange in Asia
  • 24-hour customer service and maintenance
  • > 99 % availability
  • 4-hour MTTR (major cities)
  • Robust and straightforward with minimal Point of Failures
  • Single point of contact for internet port and access network
  • One-stop shopping: consultation, design, equipment lease, and network      provision

  • What will you get ? Besides benefits and advantages, you will also get:
  • 8 IP address
  • V.35 interface or Ethernet port for connection to router
  • Various selection of access network from CSM (cable, satellite, and wireless)
  • DNS setting & administration
  • Domain name administration
  • Connection to Internet Main Backbone (Tier-1) in USA, Indonesia Internet

  • Exchange (IIX) and some other Internet Exchange in Asia Who will benefit from 3GNet IP-Port ?
  • Trading companies
  • Banks and Financial institution
  • Oil field and mining
  • ISP
  • Dotcom company
  • Internet Content provider
  • Magazines or newspaper publisher

  • A proper design of a corporate internet infrastructure is the key to maximizing the benefit of information flow to the business organizations. CSM & Tigatra with a solid team of well-trained and experienced engineers will work hand in hand with you to identify your needs and give best solution.

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